Music and Marijuana

One thing that has been pretty synonymous throughout time is two of the greatest things ever created. I'm sure from the title you know exactly what we are talking about. Here's what's funny, they BOTH have also been looked at in two different ways, yet only one has been deemed illegal. If you ask me, … Continue reading Music and Marijuana


Marijuana vs Meth

Are you ready for the battle of the century? No, this is not Michael Jackson versus Method Man, though that would be an interesting mix... Here we are talking about Marijuana vs. the multiple Meths.Here's a little bit of truth that I was completely ignorant to. Yes, I do have a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. … Continue reading Marijuana vs Meth

Happy Birthday, You’re Under Arrest!

Hopefully your day is going well. If not, maybe this true story will lift your spirits in comparison. First and foremost, CONGRATULATIONS, you are free! That is unless you are a kingpin that just so happened to have a cell phone smuggled into your cell. If that be the case... we will keep this story … Continue reading Happy Birthday, You’re Under Arrest!