Texas GOP Is Dead

As several Texas Districts' Attorneys have come out against marijuana prosecution due to their inability to test and differentiate between hemp and marijuana which lies in a percentage of overall activated thc content per gram of plant material. This minor infraction in the law enforcement arena has sent leaders out from their cubby holes to … Continue reading Texas GOP Is Dead


Cannabis Oil For All

With some of the craziness and confusion going on currently I thought it'd be fun to share something fun for everyone in Texas to try and enjoy. Cannabis oil can be a complex thing, but only if you let it. It can also be simple, beautiful and full of awesome wonder. It can also be … Continue reading Cannabis Oil For All

New Hemp Law In Texas Confuses Things, Whole Plant Access To Clear It Up!

In a surprising turn of events and the legislative session ending with only Hemp and CBD legalization, DAs across Texas are letting it be known that that wasn't enough. With several county's dropping not just a handful here or there, but hundreds of marijuana possession cases it would seem as though maybe the DAs are … Continue reading New Hemp Law In Texas Confuses Things, Whole Plant Access To Clear It Up!

Recreation and Medication NOT Incarceration

By: Zachariah Mayfarth Each year, Texas takes the freedom of over 60,000 people for having  a plant,  That plant has a name. Say it with me. Cannabis.  As Texans we love our freedoms. We can walk down any street with a rifle or a katana sword and not be afraid, yet, have one nugget of … Continue reading Recreation and Medication NOT Incarceration