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Smoking Success I finally invested the time to watch this oh so popular video. I'm assuming it had gone viral because word got to me that it existed around the week it had been posted. This particular video doesn't have the millions of views I was assuming that it would. Let's dive in to some of … Continue reading Smoking Success

High Crimes = High Taxes

Dear Texas Resident,Here's a little common sense that's not so common. The police that are here to, "Protect AND Serve," are paid by the good ol tax money within it's district. So guess what happens when they spend all of their time and energy over what may "look" or "smell" like marijuana? Texas residents get … Continue reading High Crimes = High Taxes

Join Our Social Media Warrior Team

July 23, 2019 Algorithms work against us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. If you want to expand your reach you either have to pay, or have a lot of people working together to beat the algorithm, and that's what our social media warrior team is all about. There is no commitment at all, you … Continue reading Join Our Social Media Warrior Team

Thank You Sponsors

July 23, 2019 On behalf of Free The Weed in Texas, we would like to publicly thank you for being a generous sponsor of our event Texas Cannafest 2019 Whole Plant Access. Free The Weed In Texas extends this heart-felt thank you to your companies for your commitment to making our event a successful one. … Continue reading Thank You Sponsors