Join Our Social Media Warrior Team

July 23, 2019 Algorithms work against us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. If you want to expand your reach you either have to pay, or have a lot of people working together to beat the algorithm, and that's what our social media warrior team is all about. There is no commitment at all, you … Continue reading Join Our Social Media Warrior Team


Thank You Sponsors

July 23, 2019 On behalf of Free The Weed in Texas, we would like to publicly thank you for being a generous sponsor of our event Texas Cannafest 2019 Whole Plant Access. Free The Weed In Texas extends this heart-felt thank you to your companies for your commitment to making our event a successful one. … Continue reading Thank You Sponsors

Texas GOP Is Dead

As several Texas Districts' Attorneys have come out against marijuana prosecution due to their inability to test and differentiate between hemp and marijuana which lies in a percentage of overall activated thc content per gram of plant material. This minor infraction in the law enforcement arena has sent leaders out from their cubby holes to … Continue reading Texas GOP Is Dead

These 10 Diseases Get Their Ass Kicked When You Introduce Cannabis

July 18, 2019 Something to note before you read, most studies done with cannabis, the government does not allow whole access for testing. Why won't they? Because this plant CURES! Barriers Investigators seeking to conduct research on cannabis or cannabinoids must navigate a series of review processes that may involve the National Institute on Drug … Continue reading These 10 Diseases Get Their Ass Kicked When You Introduce Cannabis