Smoking Success

I finally invested the time to watch this oh so popular video. I’m assuming it had gone viral because word got to me that it existed around the week it had been posted. This particular video doesn’t have the millions of views I was assuming that it would. Let’s dive in to some of the conversation that I got to journey towards.

TESLA INVESTORS WERE IN AN UPROAR! I heard several Tesla investors say some of the most negative things about this young CEO on how “stupid” he was to do this. Here’s the truth. The guy that was saying it had just said the day before that he enjoyed, “nose candy.” Hypocrite maybe? A teensie bit….. Needless to say, the guy also “SMOKES HIMSELF!”

I hate seeing marijuana “conveniently” demonized to point fingers at a plant, instead of the problem that exists itself. Companies don’t lose profits because the CEO smokes. Oh here’s another one. I wish I “was” the president. YES I INHALED! Sheesh. People are really that scared to tell people that they’ve actually partook of self-medicating as if taking too many headache pills won’t make it your last headache or even breath at that.

Instead of allowing you to be lazy, here’s a little homework assignment. Google people that you would consider to be successful and find out if they ever smoked and/or currently do to this day. I would LOVE to see the results. And if you know of some now.. please leave it in the comments below. Let’s make sure this plant remains the HAPPY plant it should be and not the one painted in red with a pitchfork. FREE THE WEED IN TEXAS!


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