High Crimes = High Taxes

Dear Texas Resident,
Here’s a little common sense that’s not so common. The police that are here to, “Protect AND Serve,” are paid by the good ol tax money within it’s district. So guess what happens when they spend all of their time and energy over what may “look” or “smell” like marijuana? Texas residents get the bill! Yes, they are paid by the hour and their hourly wages come straight from the money that we pour into the state. Not only does that take from taxes, it also distracts officers from TRULY protecting and serving. There is not an unlimited supply of officers patrolling the street, so one less officer equates to one less opportunity to protect and serve a Texas resident.

Here’s what I’ve just recently learned that makes this an even more sticky icky situation (pun intended).

On July 2, Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg, whose jurisdiction includes Houston, the state’s biggest city, announced that her office would no longer accept possession cases involving misdemeanor quantities of marijuana (four ounces or less) “without a lab test result proving that the evidence seized has a THC concentration of over .3%.” She added that “felony marijuana charges will be evaluated on a case by case basis by our Office” and “in the proper instances, such charges may be taken while lab test results are pending.”

Just let that soak for a moment. This means MORE time for officers to spend on “if” they are legitimately arresting someone. You can’t “eyeball” THC concentration. This means more supplies needing to be purchased, more time spent testing every pull over, and ultimately MORE WASTED ENERGY! Did I read that “felony marijuana charges will be evaluated on a case by case bases?” Let me translate that for you… it will be up to a person to decide the fate of another person based on “their” evaluation. Ummmm… set up for more foolishness if you ask me. If you would like your tax money to be placed in a much better place…. I’ve got one thing to say… “Free The Weed IN Texas!”


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