Thank You Sponsors

July 23, 2019

On behalf of Free The Weed in Texas, we would like to publicly thank you for being a generous sponsor of our event Texas Cannafest 2019 Whole Plant Access. Free The Weed In Texas extends this heart-felt thank you to your companies for your commitment to making our event a successful one. The vision is to, provide a networking and entertainment event, and inform the public of our journey to legalize Texas with Whole Plant Access. With your contribution, our vision is coming to reality.  With your support as we continue to grow, please know that partnerships with our sponsors are vital to the success of our movement and this event, Texas Cannafest 2019, Whole Plant Access. You are truly appreciated.

Thank You for your participation and support, we sincerely like to thank you for the sponsorship you provided for our event. We deeply appreciate the willingness with which you have and continue to sponsor our efforts. We sincerely hope that this even will inform the people and hope you continue to support us in our future endeavors with newer ways of spreading Whole Plant Access awareness in Texas.                        

Thank You,

                                                                        Free The Weed In Texas


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