Texas GOP Is Dead

As several Texas Districts’ Attorneys have come out against marijuana prosecution due to their inability to test and differentiate between hemp and marijuana which lies in a percentage of overall activated thc content per gram of plant material. This minor infraction in the law enforcement arena has sent leaders out from their cubby holes to message law enforcement with reassurances that prosecution of hemp can be done as well, and that ultimately prosecutors are urged to still take action against marijuana users.

In this grueling opposition from the GOP, what are cannabis users to do. Even using Hemp is to be worried about, even though it’s legal here? Or is it not legal, but they just said it was cause the federal government said they had to and so now they really don’t want it to be so they’re making sure to clarify, (deep breath in…exhales) that they will be doing exactly what the federal government said not to do which was impede on sale and commerce of hemp and hemp products.

So now, as a Texan, and a Cannabis user, Hemp & Marijuana both, I must say to the GOP, and any other leader that aims to confuse or disarray our public with more absolute bullshit in how they are supposed to be working for the people. If this is the case, then why are so many people crying out against the government now.


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