Why Quit? Words From A Non-Smoker

College was fun. Anyone that has anything different to say probably didn’t graduate and is living in his mother’s basement tweeting about why the extinction of dinosaurs is the reason he is so unsuccessful. What made college so fun though? Weeeeeeeeeeed!

Did I graduate? YES! I was fortunate enough to get a B.S. in Psychology and also to go on and become a qualified mental health professional. I can honestly say that for my entire junior and senior years in college, 99.999999999999 percent of the time, I was EXTREMELY high. Go back to the first two sentences and you will see why I ask the initial question.

Society, scientists, doctors, and other extremely genius dumbasses urge the entire world to “not smoke marijuana.” Here’s what’s comical. Most if not all of them have never smoked marijuana themselves. All this says is that the world is taking advice of what NOT to do by people who have never done it themselves. Oh, but we have some GREAT statistics they say. Those numbers come from a pool of “selected” individuals, and if you know ANYTHING about the scientific method, there should be no prejudice or bias when conducting an experiment. I guarantee they all have a deep predisposition against smoking. Well, here’s all of the extremely harmful things that happened to me while in college.

I got hungry.
I ate food.
I got some great sleep.
I graduated.

I currently consider myself to be a non-smoker and when people I know offer me a hit, I simply pass. Why? Because the timing is off, not because I am “scared” that I will get high and do something detrimental to my future. If you are a smoker, congratulations. If you aren’t a smoker, congratulations. Either way, we should NOT be shooting these fake fear tactics to society that a plant is going to destroy someone’s life. This is the land of the free is it not? Let’s make that a TRUE statement and Free The Weed In Texas!

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