Music and Marijuana

One thing that has been pretty synonymous throughout time is two of the greatest things ever created. I’m sure from the title you know exactly what we are talking about. Here’s what’s funny, they BOTH have also been looked at in two different ways, yet only one has been deemed illegal. If you ask me, by way of personal experience, they both are EXTREMELY therapeutic and here’s why.

1. They provide a way of escape
I think we can agree that life can be tough at times and it’s always good to take a break from time to time. What better way to get away and vibe than to enjoy some good music. How about some GOOD ganja? If you haven’t smoked, then don’t! Nobody is trying to convince you to do so, but how dare you tell someone else that they can’t take a break.

2. Good Vibes = Good Times
What’s your favorite song? I’m sure you can remember a great time you had along-side listening to that song. What if I told you that if you have too many copies of that song in your car… I’ll handcuff you and put you behind bars? That’s exactly what’s happening. Ask a smoker what his favorite “strain” is and I’m sure that answer will come pretty quickly. Also ask them what happened or happens when they smoke it. I’m quite sure the only bad thing coming from it is an empty fridge and some great sleep!

3. An Inexpensive Staycation
Ever had a GOOD song stuck in your head? I think I would be safe to say that you had a GREAT day! Why? Usually songs that are stuck in your head are accompanied by a GREAT memory. Usually it’s a person.. “hopefully they didn’t dump you…” but if so, I’m sure you are thinking about the GREAT times you had. Well… there’s a phrase that goes with some GOOD green called “stuck.” Imagine freezing time and being able to really be in the moment, reflect on life, and get a better clarity in what’s really happening. Well, you can get stuck on a great staycation on some good greenery.

All in all, just like they should have never cancelled Music Television (i’m an 80’s baby and still remember that “I want my MTV jingle…”) they should bring back the legalization of a plant that was freely created and grown.

Enjoy today, enjoy good music, and if you smoke, enjoy it! FREE THE WEED!


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