Happy Birthday, You’re Under Arrest!

Hopefully your day is going well. If not, maybe this true story will lift your spirits in comparison. First and foremost, CONGRATULATIONS, you are free! That is unless you are a kingpin that just so happened to have a cell phone smuggled into your cell. If that be the case… we will keep this story short and sweet.

Just last week, a patron of a well known coffee chain felt the need to contact the police on yours truly. Fastforward, and I found myself in the company of a group of all so fortunate roommates. One had about a 6 month vacation stay, one 4 to 5 more years, and then the other, Mr. Birthday Boy that began his vacation with yours truly. What he shared with us was QUITE comical (not anything to laugh at though.)

Mr Birthday Boy:

I was at work and decided to stop at the gas station to grab a bite to eat. While pulling out and turning, an officer noticed my cracked windshield and decided that today was the day to cite that infraction. As I pulled over, I realized, “Oh crap… I left my glass pipe in plain site for the officer to see.” Instead of being mischievous and attempting to hide it, I decided to not only let the officer see it, I also informed him that I had marijuana on my possession. After giving the officer my identification and letting him know that I was currently at work, He decided to arrest me for possession. Here’s the kicker, it was less than a gram, yet for the officer, that was enough to be arrested on my birthday. Here’s the part that sucks. The officer was EXTREMELY nice! Had he been a jerk, it would have at least justified my feelings of pistivity but this nice A-hole thought it was a great idea for me to spend the rest of my shift in the county jail.

Sheesh! The laws of Texas have got to change. It makes no sense that such an innocent “offense” would even be enforced to the point that not only a person would spend their birthday on a cold bench with random good guys, but also be at the mercy of possibly losing gainful employment. At what point is enough enough? Let’s continue to push the agenda so that in future, things like this are truly a thing of the past.

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