Dozens of Texas District Attorneys Refusing To Discuss Hemp/Marijuana Prosecution.

With several Texas District Attorneys coming out in favor of these new laws stating that they wouldn’t be prosecuting low level marijuana possession cases, we at Free The Weed In Texas thought it’d be a good remedy to reach out and start calling some other Texas DAs to see where they stood. For anyone who would like to fact check there is a directory if you Google Texas District Attorney Directory and our lovely advances in technology will manifest a directory in alphabetical order of these district attorneys.

I began my way down this daunting list from the top starting with my own county of Anderson. Call after, call after, call, I was met with confusion as to why I would want to discuss this matter and then upon realization that I would be met with irrefutable ignorance occurred after I reached somewhere down into the Ls on this directory. One after another, I was faced with the grueling option to either end the call with absolutely no willingness to discuss these matters or to leave a voicemail where the possibility of a return call was likely not going to occur.

I did leave voicemails with most of those that allowed and those that tried to end the call without any discourse but expecting the fact that their DA wouldn’t discuss the matter to be the end of conversation I did push to leave voicemails with them as well.

From this the link to the same website I used if you click on the hyperlink titled Google above will pull up the exact same directory, And I encourage our readers to call your local district attorney and see what they have to say if anything, and if not, as a constituent maybe seek why they’re not willing to discuss these very serious and important matters relating to cannabis.


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