Plant Cannabis Seeds At The Texas Capitol?

July 11, 2019

Capitol Police in Vermont found what they say is either cannabis or hemp and they can’t tell which.

Capitol Police Chief Matthew Romei says he’s fairly certain it was not part of the state’s horticultural landscaping plan.

“The beds are maintained — as you can see — very well by Buildings and General Services. They really know how to run a flower bed. It’s an impressive display every year but I don’t think they included this in their annual rollout,” he said. “We were kind of surprised. I don’t think anyone was expecting to find that. Of course we still don’t know whether its marijuana or hemp and, quite frankly, don’t intend on spending the resources to test it cause there’s not a criminal case to be had over it.”

Romei says they’ve made similar discoveries in the garden beds in previous years.

More on the story here.

Being that we have an issue already here in Texas with police not being able to tell the THC amount and differentiate between hemp and cannabis, it would be really funny to see these lovely plants start popping up all over the Capitol and Texas for that matter.


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