Adventures At Texas Cannafest 2018

In 2018, I was granted the awesome privilege of DJ’ing at an event in Crystal Beach Texas. For those of you who have no idea where that is, like myself, it’s right near Galveston. Well, here a year later it looks like I’ll have the opportunity to attend it again. Cannafest 2018 was an enlightening experience for several reasons. I’m guessing you’d like to know so here you go. Here’s a few things that I gained via the experience and also reasons why it affected me personally.

1. I’m NOT a smoker.
Why should a non-smoker of the “Canna” attend cannafest? Interestingly enough, there are many non-smokers that are yet still advocates for the legalization of marijuana. I myself don’t believe that something that grows naturally should be illegal. Many people are hit with charges and their freedom is stripped from them for simply having a plant on their person. THIS MUST STOP! It makes no sense that Texas is still one of the states that hits it’s people across the head with laws that are extremely antiquated and should be updated immediately.

2. I’m convinced that smokers are the nicest people on the planet.
There were zero fights and the beach appeared to be left BETTER than before the event started. This demographic of people is comprised of people that genuinely care. No, they aren’t your typical tree huggers… they are your tree smokers. I didn’t see a single person partake in the good ol canna and get out of character. If anything, they mellowed out.

3. I gained some great relationships with great people.
I’ve run across many people at many events and this one by FAR was the easiest one to connect with other people. Typically, when you go to a BIG event, people are hesitant and reserved. making connecting with others a bit difficult. Everyone at this event I spoke to had no issues either sharing their contact information or even connecting via social media.

4. The stereotypical smoker does not exist.
I was able to meet people that indulged in the good greenery that were all walks of life. From wealth to meagerness and from the darkest to lightest shades of color, there was no way that you could look at anyone on that beach and say “that guy is a smoker” or vice versa. You never know until you ask what a person does or does not do.

There’s may other things that I learned from attending last years event and expect to learn many more THIS year. If you missed it last year… you don NOT want to miss this years event at Crystal Beach.

Hope to see you there! See below for details:
Saturday, August 17th at 3:00pm
2950 HWY 87, Crystal Beach Texas

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