Cannabis Oil For All

With some of the craziness and confusion going on currently I thought it’d be fun to share something fun for everyone in Texas to try and enjoy.

Cannabis oil can be a complex thing, but only if you let it. It can also be simple, beautiful and full of awesome wonder. It can also be surprisingly easy to whip together if you have access to cannabis and some vegetable glycerin. While the ingredients stated could be vaguely interpreted, I’m only going to specify on the vegetable glycerin.

Vegetable glycerin is a natural plant fat and cannabinoids in whole are fat soluble, therefore the combination of the two gives you a beautiful full spectrum cannabis oil regardless of the variety of cannabis you use.

That all being said, it is still in Texas a federal offense to manufacture or possess “MARIJUANA OIL” so until things change in legislation to allow whole plant access or to be precautious it may be best to use “Hemp” flower in this recipe, but I obviously cannot stop those who choose to use other varieties of cannabis.

To educate those interested, this would be considered a concentrated full spectrum extract because we are using the natural plant fat (vegetable glycerin) and combining that with your cannabis with heat (I recommend a crock pot for ease of use and safety) for any period of time will naturally extract the cannabinoid profile found in the plant material processed. The resulting yield could vary in color from green to brown but ultimately will give an myriad of uses. With vegetable glycerin being water soluble you can add this to your favorite drinks, syrups, dressings, over top of meals, desserts, and even just by itself. Vegetable glycerin has a naturally sweet taste and usually with cannabis added after settling will still have a sweet aftertaste. Keep this in mind when adding to other ingredients as it will definitely add a sweetness to whatever it is. Also this is capable of being vaped in devices, However your skill and ability to filter the plant matter out of the vegetable glycerin after heating determines how long your coils will last vaping. Finally, the piece de resistance for the health and fitness conscious you can cut this with MCT Oil for desired strength and take sublingually.

I want to forewarn and advise everyone reading this that while our current state regarding cannabis in Texas has entered a legal gray area regarding hemp and marijuana, isolated extracts and Marijuana THC products are still highly illegal and what steps prosecutors may take if found and charged is definitely unknown, so I’m officially recommending to stick with Hemp flower in Texas. This is a word of wisdom to those who may be interested and don’t want to risk the possibility of an issue with law enforcement.


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