New Hemp Law In Texas Confuses Things, Whole Plant Access To Clear It Up!

In a surprising turn of events and the legislative session ending with only Hemp and CBD legalization, DAs across Texas are letting it be known that that wasn’t enough. With several county’s dropping not just a handful here or there, but hundreds of marijuana possession cases it would seem as though maybe the DAs are trying to say something.

While the laws regarding Hemp have been made clear, and our expanded medical program now allows access to cbd for more conditions, however the state being ill prepared for law enforcement having to distinguish marijuana from hemp is making it foggy again. Currently as it stands the state Forensics lab doesn’t have the ability to test for THC percentages but rather only if THC is present. Being that THC is present in Hemp and the laws have changed effective immediately regarding Hemp, law enforcement in Texas is needing clarification on some of the differentiations between the two and we at Free The Weed have the solution.

Whole Plant Access!!!

That’s right, Hemp isn’t very distinguishable to the untrained eye and you certainly can’t tell how much THC may or may not be in it by looking at the plant, and testing biomass for law enforcement alone to distinguish will cost taxpayers a lot of money, where as if we grant whole plant access and just regulate how much can be possessed for personal use, for home cultivation, for medicinal use, and let law enforcement worry about the very real heroin epidemic that is taking place due to opioid addiction, the methamphetamine manufacturing being prevalent in a lot of our own back yards and cocaine distribution from other countries then maybe they will see how beneficial allowing whole plant access will be.

With Texas being the last bordering state to Mexico without cannabis access it would even make one wonder if there may be a connection to Texas and the illegal drug trade. Allowing whole plant access would even eliminate a lot of traffic bringing it in from other states and Mexico so this would greatly reduce law enforcement resources and budgets being spent on marijuana enforcement. It’s really not a question as to whether this is a wise choice or not anymore Texas, it’s really more of a “When are you gonna get your shit together, and give the people, law enforcement, and Texas what they need.

Whole Plant Access!!! Whole Plant Access!!! Whole Plant Access!!!

In an effort to reach the hearts and minds of as many as possible, if you believe this article is true and feel Texas Whole Plant Access is needed please share this article and tag your local representatives and senators and let them know that we won’t settle for anything less. In fact with all the talks of the federal government having a discussion regarding the end of marijuana prohibition, we at Free The Weed In Texas believe that with our readers help we can get Whole Plant Access here in Texas. It starts with you, then your representatives and senators, then our governor. While daunting tasks can seem impossible, they only seem that way to prevent you from taking action because the reality is that the impossible happens every day.

If you want to be a part of the 2021 historic Whole Plant Access sit in that over 20,000 people will take part in, sign up here!


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