Monday Monotony

TEXAS- 7/1/19

With July here and the fourth right around the corner, and so many getting ready to celebrate one of our nations great holidaze, it’s important to relax and enjoy the company of our friends and family; but also it’s a good time to learn and stay fresh and be mindful.

Many will be lining grocery stores, packing their carts with food, beverages and snacks galore. Others may be grabbing some drinks to “get down” with friends and families during 4th of July Parties; and yet even still there will be people looking for, consuming and traveling with marijuana as their recreational activity of choice.

The “Fourth” can be relaxing and joyful as grills line with burgers and dogs, and chips and soda overflow picnic tables and coolers. Intoxicated family members goofing about in swimwear and summer attire while children run freely playing and enjoying themselves; And while this is a celebration of freedom, this is why we must stay fresh and mindful. On this great holiday that celebrates freedom there will be so many to have their freedom taken away and not to mention in states like Texas, marijuana could be the cause. That’s right, while other areas may worry of busy grocery chains or buzzed holiday drivers in Texas there are a good bit of folks unfortunately that will get arrested for possession or even possibly distributing and sale of an illegal substance.

I’m not going to get into statistics or bring up horrifying stories to scare folks, because the truth is folks are going to do what they’re going to do. While we don’t want anyone to get in trouble or be faced with this dilemma the truth is it is unavoidable. We at Free The Weed In Texas however want people to freely cannabis whenever it is fully available and so we just want to caution our readers to be safe during the 4th of July festivities. You might read that a few times in this article, and sorry to be repetitive but we also have a few tips to help stay safe.

I don’t bring this topic up as a buzzkill to those intending on having a fun and safe holiday, but I do hope to awaken some of the rest of our great nation to the fact that this is still a major thing in many states that have yet to legalize any form of cannabis. Not that we would ever want someone to break the law, but if you’re going to choose to partake in some marijuana over the holiday, take a few precautions and be safe. Don’t drive under the influence and certainly don’t drive around smoking. Also, if you happen to have marijuana in a state where it’s illegal, be careful with what else you partake in as not to upset the balance of the laws you’d already be breaking.

As always Whole plant access is the goal guys but until then, don’t put you or your friends and family in a spot this weekend, and have fun but just remember to always be safe guys.


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