East Texas Raid Leads to Multiple Arrests

Photo credit: William Patrick (Palestine Herald Press)

Wednesday evening June 26th 2019 is now the harrowing eve of three young men whose lives will forever be changed now because they were daring enough to bring the people of Texas what they wanted. Albeit these young men were definitely breaking the law and will be facing almost 100 years a piece for the sale and delivery of a manufactured substance (mainly THC wax) along with more than 5lbs of cannabis.

These young men are now under the control of the Anderson county sheriff’s dept located in Palestine Texas and will be likely held without bail due to the possibility of being flight risks for their crimes against Anderson County.

When one might ask what the crime is in a scenario like one mentioned above, this is where many are faced with moral dilemma because while these young men were also involved in theft and found with stolen property and firearms that could have possibly been stolen as well, many people found with cannabis in low amounts are not wielding nearly as much nor do they have the arsenal of defense typically, but possession alone in Texas of the concentrated THC oils and waxes can lead to charges not far off from what these young men are facing.

Now in no manner would we condone this type of activity, but it is also a question to ponder as to whether these young men would still be facing criminal charges and a life long sentence of punishment for mainly the sale and distribution of cannabis products if the state of Texas held a different stance on Cannabis. These young men might be very wealthy business men who would be providing cannabis en mass to users who want it in a state that other wise would be legal, but the distribution of these products here in Texas as you can see brings about a much different result.

We hope our Texas followers understand that cannabis in a lot of areas of the state is still very dangerous to possess and while small amounts of flower may be dismissed by law enforcement, concentrates on the other hand are on most law enforcements tasks it’s important to be mindful always of the choices you make living in a state like Texas


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