What Happen To All Them Cannabis Bills That Were Filed In Texas?


Let us take you back a few months when Texas had over 50 cannabis and hemp related bills filed in the legislature. “The deadline has passed for submitting bills to the 2019 Texas legislative session, and this year marks a record for the most legislation filed pertaining to marijuana and hemp. Subjects run the gamut of medical cannabis, penalty reduction, hemp, concentrates, drug testing, and legalization.” You remember that? Had you all excited and feeling really good? That was the plan, all by design to keep people complacent and in their comfort zone.

What happened to all them bills? Texas got nothing when it comes to more cannabis freedom, but why? Many different reasons really, but the main reason is, WE let the lobbyist groups and the legislature have control. We allowed them to set the tone by waiting to see what bills they offered up, we accepted their bills, that are way behind their time, and we waited around to see if those bills would go anywhere. That strategy is not working.

To keep this from taking place in 2021, we are focusing all of our resources for the next legislative session. Free The Weed In Texas, along with many other groups, and people, are going to stage a 20,000 person + sit in. We will be at the Capital in Austin come 2021 and we are not leaving until HB 2165, from 2015 is reintroduced, voted on, passed, and signed by the Governor of Texas.

This would give ever Texan complete whole plant access to cannabis. Not HB 63, not legalization, but further than that, and then some. Say it with me, “Whole Plant Access.” Essentially, this would put Texas in front of the entire world when it comes to cannabis freedom. Cannabis would be like okra, basil or a rose bush; unregulated.

So, when you hear your cannabis friends talking about less regulation or legalization, inform them that, that’s not what we want here in Texas, whole plant access is what we are aiming for.

If you would like to be a part of the 2021 Texas Cannabis Revolution that is going to stage a 20,000 + person sit in, sign up here to get more updates.

Free The Weed In Texas!


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