Cannabis & Hemp Confusion in Texas!


If you’ve gotten a chance to check out any of our up and coming news sources for cannabis, get ready for some entertainment as I try to tug you along this bumpy journey.

Evidently the defining terms the federal government has had for hemp and marijuana are starting to confuse some Texans as they’ve now been dusted off and brought to peoples attention and here in Texas that means it’s new. While the federal government has defined Hemp as cannabis containing under .3% thc for decades, their attempt to bring the rest of the country up to game has startled some Texans.

That’s right, Hemps defining terms have always been classified as cannabis containing under .3% of THC by the federal government, however their recent upheaval of old terms into new places and has now brought that information to the forefront of most Texans attention because a lot of farmers reside in Texas. One thing that’s confusing these farmers though is the fact that the farm bill separated Hemp and Marijuana, while most farmers and citizens are still under the impression that hemp and marijuana are no different from each other.

One more time for those who maybe didn’t catch that last sentence, Hemp and Marijuana are not the same. They are in fact two completely different plants, they do come from the same family the same way that you and a cousin might share the same grandparents, but with different mothers and fathers. Now that being said, they do produce very similarly and with almost identical traits to its much stinkier and much more mentally inhibiting cousin, but there are ways to tell the differentiations from just simply looking at the structure of the plant and the flowers it produces.

I’m not going to introduce you to the art of cannabis sommelier testing, but I will tell you that it is entirely possible to not only tell the difference between hemp and marijuana by just simply looking at it but also you can classify the type of hemp or marijuana it is. If you don’t believe me, do some research and you’ll soon see there are many organizations dedicated to this because while many organizations are blurring the truths of cannabis relating to marijuana and hemp, With our goal being Whole Plant Access to Cannabis at Free The Weed In Texas we also want to educate our readers to know the facts and from those facts you can see why whole plant access is the best choice for Texans.

Once we get more Texans to understand these and other facts about cannabis then maybe we won’t see as many confusions and in turn the professionals we depend on for news can even provide more accurate information to our citizens instead of implementing their own confusion as misinformation to the masses.


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