Whole Plant Access For Texas in 2021


Humanity deserves real medication, not man made pills. We deserve complete whole plant access to the cannabis plant. We should be able to grow as many plants as we want, on our property, and use them however we see fit, just like basil or okra.

Are you tired of seeing people going to jail for a plant? Are you tired of hearing about people getting charged with a felony over some brownies or a vape pen? Are you tired of being afraid because you travel around with a harmless plant that keeps you in your comfort zone daily? Are you tired of being tired? We’ve waited too long.

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Watered down bills that are past their time have been sitting in the Texas legislative hands for 6 years, or longer, and we’ve got nothing. People are still going to jail, losing their job, and being treated like criminals, all over a joint. You’re tired of that, correct?

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March 2, 2015, David Simpson introduced House Bill 2165, that later died in Calendars Committee. It simply removes the word “marihuana” from the law, giving Texans whole plant access. Nobody goes to jail, medical patients get real medication, with no limitations, and people can freely grow on their own property with no worry of arrest, or any such laws that would burden their freedom to do as they please, with their own cannabis plants. David Simpson is not an elected official anymore, therefore he can’t introduce it again. It’s up to us to get someone to file that bill again.

Free The Weed In Texas is here to be very loud over the next 2 years leading up to our next chance to change history here in Texas and give Texans whole plant access. If you want to join us at the Capital in 2021 for a historic “Cannabis Sit In” with 20,000 other Texans, where we will demand the refile of House Bill 2165, from 2015 and not leave until the bill is passed & signed by the Governor, please sign up here to join, for updates, and planning to come.

Free The Weed In Texas!


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