420 too in June

As we get good and situated with our Summers whether you’re working or on vacation one thing we can all appreciate in the midst of this Texas heat is some good humor and some great cannabis and if you can appreciate the perspective today is the perfect day to celebrate 420 too in June due to the wonky placement of this date on June’s 4th Saturday of the month.

Come along with me and a nice doobie of some now legal hemp in Texas as I share my perspective and give insight on how you too can enjoy this 420 too holiday.

Hydration. Check. Snacks. Check. Hemp doobies. Check. We’ve got all we need now to take our journey into made up holiday land so fire one up and read along with me.

In cannabis culture finding excuses to blaze 420 in the name of 420 has always been a fun game and mixed with your creative nature you can seem to find 420 almost anywhere you look. Muddled in the rumor that a group of would be one day famous mysterious stoners would huddle to meet and smoke at a time only known amongst their circle this time forever marked in history as 420. While these stories and others make finding excuses to use cannabis a fun little game, what if I told you that 420 goes back way before this secret holiday and that it’s roots in cannabis are even deeper than previously thought, maybe even biblically.

While I’m not sure if it does, nor do I have any documented proof or theories I could even attempt to contextually tear apart to make my claims remotely valid, but thoughts like this are as old as time. We don’t know the validity of these or other stories but they are certainly fun to think about and for future generations to come I think it’s well established that 420 will always remain grounded in cannabis culture in some way shape or form.

So now you can see how June 22nd 2019 the 4th weekend of the month can now be celebrated in this 420 too style and you can look for your own ways to see and celebrate 420

Whether you are the type to look for reasons to blaze 420 or like me you just enjoy 420 and have fun seeing 420 in everything. When you do take a picture, share with a friend and blaze up a doobie for the hell of it because when it’s all said and done as previously mentioned we here at Free The Weed In Texas firmly believe you should have Whole Access Cannabis as a citizen


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