Taco Bout It Tuesday

As we get back into the groove of our daily lives and the monotony begins again I want to be your accountability buddy to hold discussions with your neighbors and friends more and encourage you not to be afraid to discuss the now legalized hemp bill either because a lot of uneducated people are still under the misguided understanding that hemp and marijuana are one and the same and this couldn’t be further from the truth.

It may seem difficult to understand but cannabis is a family of plants, much like your family consists of many many people so does the cannabis family. Now to help keep this simple in breakdown but to also help you understand further much like you have a family but also you are apart of a much bigger family the same statement is true of cannabis. Cannabis (hemp & marijuana) is a family of plants but it is also apart of another bigger family that also includes humulus (hops) and Celtis (hackberries) this family being called Cannabaceae.

Now I went into the breakdown of that explanation to share with you that marijuana is what is still illegal to this day. By government legal definition marijuana is any member of cannabis family that produces above a certain percentage of THC during growth. However marijuana has a family member called hemp that is now legal in Texas for growth and production of hemp related products. Hemp looks and smells very similar to marijuana and while it is officially legal as of yesterday when Governor Abbot signed it into effect there are a lot of places that are still treating it like marijuana even though there are major differences between the two.

I hope you found this information helpful and educational and I hope you share this info with a friend. Taco bout it over a meal, over a nice hemp filled joint or even online while you eat a taco and smoke a hemp filled joint, but please really do talk about it as these discussions happen more and more we will begin to break down the stigmas about cannabis and further our goal which here at Free The Weed is always and will always be Whole Access Cannabis Use

I hope everyone has an awesome & fantastic Tuesday and I pray nobody’s going hungry and I wish everyone the opportunity to enjoy some now legal hemp in Texas. Peace and Much love guys


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