The Haves & The Have-nots

In your lifetime you may or may not have heard this phrase, “The Haves & The Have-nots” signifying those who have plenty and want or need for nothing and those who live the opposite spectrum of that. In today’s society it goes a little deeper as having could mean the difference between living in a place you love having access to all you need versus having not could be so far opposite of that you don’t even have the freedom to choose.

In yesteryears migration was done in a manner required to get to the resources that you need, whereas nowadays migrating could literally just be for you to have access to the things that would make living easier but it would also give adage to the old saying that every man should have the freedom to pursue life, liberty and happiness.

You may be wondering if I have a point I’m tryin to make or if this even has anything to do with Cannabis, and sometimes the set up is longer than the knockout.

The simple reality is that we don’t have the freedom nowadays that they preach about from yesteryears, however this isn’t an old cynical tune you’re about to rock out to, it’s just the snapback to reality you’ve been waiting for and when you come to the door with the sign on it saying that this new reality is apparent and that we the people could be the haves and the politicians could be the have-nots, we begin searching for the key to make this happen and then the panic happens because for so long they’ve distracted us from this key.

I have some exciting news though folks, the key is back in our very hands and the politicians know it because their actions have shifted from those who know they have the power through deception to now they are trying to convince people they still have all the power and even going so far as to speaking like they aren’t governed by we the people.

And when we the people begin to organize and come together, it rattles and shakes the cages that these politicians stay in so much that they begin acting out of fear themselves. So when asking how can you be the change, how can you do anything…Organize…get the people together who have similar thoughts and ideas to begin making plans for change…Take Initiative…don’t just get together and talk about ideas but put some action behind them, get movement going in your circle…and lastly…Be Diligent…You may not see results you want right away, or even over some time, but THIS IS NOT THE UNIVERSE SAYING NO…it’s simply saying to keep trying.

If you can achieve these three key factors than my friend you’ve just unlocked the door to the Law of Inevitability which states in a manner of speaking that something now MUST happen .


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