Candidate For Houston Mayor Supports Whole Plant Access To Cannabis.

Houston, Texas-

Do you live in Houston or know someone that does? Well, if you do, it’s time to let them know about a gentleman who’s running for Mayor, that supports WHOLE PLANT ACCESS to cannabis.

From his Facebook campaign page you can get a very clear understanding of who Derrick Broze is and why he us running for Mayor of Houston. “I am 34 years old, I have never served in a political office, and I have only voted once in my life. In fact, I have spent the better part of the last decade encouraging people not to spend their time and energy playing the political game. I often talk about the value of getting involved in your community on the local level, taking time to get to know your friends and neighbors, instead of paying attention to the latest political drama.”

Broze For Mayor Of Houston

Broze, is from the streets, he is not politically correct, and that’s what we need. “I have spent the last ten years working as an activist and a journalist in and around the Houston area. I have questioned and interviewed Houston’s former Mayor Annise Parker and former Chief of the Houston Police Department Charles McClelland regarding the city’s homeless feeding ordinance, water fluoridation, police shootings, and cell phone surveillance. I have visited Houston City Council to talk about these topics dozens of times. Overwhelmingly, the experience has been one of disappointment as I learned the cold, hard truth: The Mayor and much of City Council are either bought off or turn a blind eye and deaf ear to the concerns of Houstonians. Time after time, I attended council with other activists and concerned Houstonians only to find that our concerns were being ignored.”

Free The Weed In Texas!

We asked Broze in an interview about cannabis and if he plans to make that part of his campaign. “As a former drug addict who has spent 18 months behind bars for my drug use, I know the destruction brought by the Drug War. We can begin to dismantle the horrible affects of the War on Drugs, starting with Cannabis.” Broze is open and honest, too. You won’t find many people running for office open and willing to admit past addictions to drugs.

Furthermore, Broze stated that he supports whole plant access to cannabis, ” I support complete decriminalization. The DA has already saved the city between $30-35 million with a simple diversion program for small amounts of cannabis. As mayor I would call on the chief of police to cease 100% of arrests related to cannabis. I am for Houstonians making their own choices about what they put in their body. I would also be encouraging towards cannabis related business. The city could save money by ending the unnecessary imprisonment of non violent cannabis users.”

Most candidates running for office will tell you a bunch of things and when they get elected none of those things take place. The difference with Broze, he has done the things he says in the streets, with his activism, long before running for office. He has put his money where his mouth is, he has walked the walk, and he took action on what he speaks of, instead of telling you what he is going to do, he’s already been doing it.

If you would like more information on Derrick Broze or how you can help him win Mayor of Houston, please check out his website.

We want to thank Mr. Broze for taking the time to do this interview and we wish him the best of luck!


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