The War Cry of Rallying Season “Whole Access to All Forms of Cannabis”

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With the 86th Legislative session finally having wrapped and Lt. Dan successfully killing multiple cannabis bills in the senate that were but mere breadcrumbs to what the majority of Texas’ Citizens’ hearts now cry, “Give us Whole Plant Access to cannabis in all forms as citizens” Let this be the ringing that graces Capitol Hill in Austin over these next two years so that the message is clear.

We here at Free The Weed In Texas take the bold stance to put you politicians on notice. We will be seeking nothing less than Whole Plant Access and we will let our Rallying spirits bring about the people who will be in your face about it.

With that being said, this message is for the troops. In all seriousness and with all professionalism it’s time to get our proverbial shit together and really get in these politicians faces with a clear, but bold message, that shows we mean business. As it stands, what people are calling our expanded medical marijuana program should really be corrected to say all the lovely CBD products you’ve been enjoying will now require prescriptions and silly you, if you think you’ll be able to get it from any doctor as only 7 total physicians will be licensed in Texas currently to prescribe CBD isolated products.

This does nothing to mention the ignorance and disdained attitudes multiple law enforcement agencies are keeping in relation to even those simple Hemp/CBD products as their stance has been wildly adverse to even the .3% of THC found in them. Arrests being made for people carrying what is now expected to be fully legal in Texas however confusion surrounds the differences between Hemp and Marijuana in law enforcement offices across the great state.

These and many other reasons are why we need to let the politicians and law enforcement know that Whole Access to Cannabis is the only way to go. Avoiding issues with confusion, unnecessary arrests as well as more resources being wasted in a blind effort to determine the difference between something that all in all should be as readily available as the rest of your market fresh herbs and produce.

Imagine, walking inside your local grocer and grabbing a buggy as you approach the produce section to be met with the aromas and varying forms of the cannabis plant in all its glory and having the freedom to select flower, leaves, stocks, oils, extracts, even isolated forms of the compounds found in cannabis just awaiting you to grab and head to the checkout for enjoyment in whichever method YOU see fit.

Keep it in mind that this is the farthest from reality currently here in Texas but it doesn’t have to be that way, Rally along with us and share this article to your favorite social media platform and tag your local elected officials to let them know our voices will be heard.


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