Free The Weed In Austin…

Austin, Texas-

As I left the capitol this past week with only those visits under my belt, I felt a sense of relief to know in spite of the fact the legislative session is over without cannabis having even been decriminalized, the troops are STILL ready for battle these next two years. Lacking only an authentic direction to which they should pursue and with the help of Free The Weed In Texas this and future articles alike aim to do just that.

Myself having never visited Austin prior and specifically the capitol you soon learn change comes from the hustle and bustle of young and old minds alike “trying” to convince our elected officials that we are due the right to have them vote in our favor. Me being the cynical mind that I was watched as countless disappointments were made through this process, but it clicked. These politicians are set up much like a wall, and we the people who seek to make change have to chip and crack at that wall to even get through for only a peak into a dark crack for a glimpse of sunshine through the hole.

Our battle isn’t with Politicians it’s within ourselves.

For you see even as we stand on a united platform coming humbly from our own individual circumstances we come into an arena fighting for something and automatically we are divided by the beliefs and morality of our elected officials.

Given that we are talking about our right and access to a plant, we at Free The Weed In Texas whole heartedly agree that the focus is whole plant access for the people because once again we are allowing ourselves to be regulated and charged for the right to use the benefits of something we should rightfully be able to grow ourselves and easily enough make whatever products we want relating to this plant.

Continuing to Update People, Politicians & Police will be the intention over these next two years as we wait for our opportunity to chip and crack at the wall again.

Like Jericho it will all come crumbling down…

We here at Free The Weed take the open forefront that we won’t be taken aback by lack of movement from our politicians, we will openly stand and face our opponent with professionalism and positivity in the arena set before us, But if you think we are playing by their rules…well think again.

Stay tuned…


One thought on “Free The Weed In Austin…

  1. THANK YOU FOR ALL you are doing to make this natural plant LEGAL for Texans! Texans should NOT have to move to one of 26 states that have legalized marijuana for Medical & industrial uses, in order to treat our pain & diseases with a natural plant designed & made by God to serve humanity! There has never been a single death from overdose, unlike opioids & liquors!! FREE PEOPLE TO FREELY USE THE WEED!!!

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