Texas Law Makers Looking To Pass Medical Cannabis Bills With Low THC, Basically Hemp.

May 8th, 2019

TEXAS- You should be insulted by what the Texas legislators have passed out of the House declaring wins for the cannabis community. House Bills 1365 & 3703 are very weak and only offer .5% THC.

If people tell you we have medical cannabis in Texas, that is a lie, no we don’t.

In these Bills, if they even pass in the Senate, then signed by the Governor. You will have to get approved by one doctor, get a second opinion and approved by another doctor, and that is for only .5% THC. Are you gonna medicate with that? No. Might as well use hemp!

If you need a higher dose you must go to see a medical advisory board (that don’t exists yet) with your doctor to see if you can get approval.

They act like Texas is doing something nobody has done before! This ain’t new, more than half of the United States and half of the Western Hemisphere have ventured out further than Texas. The stats, data and facts are already there. They are keeping medication from us to fatten their pockets.

House Bill 1365 does offer a lot more than 3703 and that’s after 1365 was amended to be weakened. 1365 has a wider range of medical issues that will allow you to get relief and it also offers protection from CPS. However, the amount of THC is only .5%.

Hannah Boyer, who spent nearly a year as a retail budtender for both medical and recreational patients, and then spent almost two years as a production associate in one of the largest indoor cultivation warehouses in North America had this to say about these two Texas House Bills. “Having access to only CBD with less than a half percent THC is only going to help a very small percentage of people in my experience working with patients in the legal industry in Colorado. Considering the side effects for THC are minimal, not long-lasting, not lethal, and are sometimes simply positive, I just don’t see why Texas lawmakers are dragging their feet about this at this point. Obviously it isn’t about the patients or the potential for pain relief at all – it’s about all the money and false information going against this plant for the last 80 years. At this point I think we will just have to wait out the generation ruling Texas politics and hope that the next generations in politics care more about people than money, religion, and fear-mongering falsities.”

Hannah At Work

“The Texas legislators creating a bill that allows only .5% THC shows a serious disconnect with what the public is demanding and the concepts of freedom and liberty. They refuse to accept real evidence showing that this medication can save lives, and continue to believe the propaganda that was created decades ago to protect special interests. We the people have the sole right to decide what goes into our bodies, and that is a right protected by the 9th amendment to the US constitution. There’s a good chance you’re not familiar with it, but don’t be embarrassed. The chance is just as likely that your representatives haven’t read the 9th amendment either. They need to wake up from this fantasy world where they get to decide how we live our lives. They need to realize that we are not asking permission to consume cannabis. Instead, we are demanding that they stop imprisoning us for peacefully consuming a naturally occurring plant.” Said, Daniel Behrman, 2020 Presidential Candidate for the Libertarian Party.

“They should be calling it a medical hemp Bill,” said the Texas Cannabis Queen. A well known activist in Texas who has a daily blog and works with many doctors, schools and businesses in the cannabis industry. She also agrees we should be asking for complete whole access to this plant.

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We need to get away from making medical and recreational separate. Every single Texan should have whole access to cannabis. That is what Free The Weed In Texas is pushing.

The campaign to bring back David Philip Simpson’s Bill, HB 2165 from the year 2015 has started. This bill would deregulate cannabis entirely and give every single Texan WHOLE access to this plant.

Alexis Bortell put out on social media how she felt about these weak House Bills.

Alexis and David Simpson worked together on House Bill 2165 back in 2015, That Bill would have kept Alexis in Texas. She is currently a medical refugee living in Colorado waiting for something like House Bill 2165 from 2015, so she can come back home to Texas.

We should not be settling for this in Texas. It’s time we all start seeking complete whole access to cannabis. If you would like to join the cannabis revolution and support to bring back House Bill 2165 from 2015, please sign our petition.

You can also support our cause by checking out our merchandise store and being a voice for Free The Weed In Texas. Thank you for the love and support!


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