Why Are We Asking For So Little?

Stop and think to yourself, how far we are behind in Texas when it comes to cannabis freedom?

Legal status of cannabis possession for non-medical use   
Blue =Legal   
Orange = Illegal but
Pink = Illegal but often
Red = Illegal 

Why is it that Texas is chillin with the likes of Russia, North Korea and most of Africa? Is Texas going to be the last plot of land in red on the Western Hemisphere?

Sadly, in Texas police are still arresting people for small possession of cannabis at a very high rate.

They say that everything is bigger in Texas, and that’s certainly true when it comes to marijuana arrests. Approximately 12% of America’s marijuana arrests were made in Texas in 2016. An incredible 98% of all weed arrests in the Lone Star State were for possession; a crime that could result in 180 days in prison and $2,000 fine if you have less than two ounces.

Texas takes the lead in marijuana arrests and it isn’t even close. The figure of 65,000 arrests is almost 30,000 more than New Jersey, its nearest rival. In 2017, Texan lawmakers introduced legislation to decriminalize minor offenses, but no vote was held in the House of Representatives. This year, that same Bill (HB 63) has been introduced for the THIRD time (6 years) and it has been denied, watered down and now, Dan Patrick is looking to kill it in the Senate.

As a result of this inaction, cities such as Dallas, San Antonio and Houston have created ‘cite and release’ programs. As part of these programs, if you are arrested for a minor weed crime, you don’t get punished with a criminal record as long as you finish a pre-trial diversion program. Other cities and counties have started to do the same, because the state is far behind its time!

Still, with well more than half of the people in Texas supporting lighter penalties, including the Libertarian, Democrat and Republican parties, lobbyist, corporations and law makers are fattening their pockets behind the curtain of tyranny.

District Of Columbia151 (2017)
New Hampshire5,004
New Jersey35,700
New Mexico3,939
New York18,857
North Carolina15,889
North Dakota2,664
Rhode Island438
South Carolina17,323
South Dakota3,266
West Virginia2,901

This was researched by an associate professor of criminal justice at Shenandoah University, Jon Gettman.

Why is texas so far behind?

Many reasons actually,

  1. In Texas, it’s not up to the people, we can’t vote on this issue as a state. It must be done by the legislature that takes session once every two years.
  2. No matter how many petitions we sign, that won’t work.
    It must be done by the legislature that takes session once every two years.
  3. Money! These law makers and lobbyist are deep in bed with the jail industry, police force, & pharmaceutical companies. They do NOT listen to you. Including some of the “pro cannabis” lobbyist who are acting as such but helping slow the process. Open your EYES.
  4. When people are scared of the government, there is tyranny. Too many people scared to do anything, to make a sacrifice, to come out of their comfort zone to make change. Too many people waiting around for it to happen. You must be the change that we all seek.
  5. Education! Not enough people are educated on the process of how all this works and how easy it would be to change history here in Texas.
  6. Sacrifice & dedication! There are many people taking all sorts of sacrifices to move cannabis freedom along here in Texas, but not nearly enough. We need more people to rise up and dedicate their time and energy to this cause.
  7. We need to stop asking for so little. We are extremely far behind in Texas so asking for very small baby steps when we know we are going to get less, dose that make much sense at all? I mean, if we were the first state trying something, small steps could be the correct process, but we are talking about being one of the last. The facts, the data, the stats, it’s all there.
  8. Social media activism. Sitting on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter all day is not helping. Social media serves a purpose for sure, but when the time comes to take real action, we need people getting out in the streets, building the cannabis community network, talking to people about the process and getting to Austin when the times comes. Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have started to make it hard for real voices to be heard. We are being silenced on social media too.
  9. Believe in the power of the people! Too many people doubting the power of the people.
  10. Take Action! Follow through and stay the course!

Why do we ask for so little, if we are so far behind?

We have to start asking for more and accepting nothing less.

if someone says, we can’t “Free the weed in texas” they are working against us or don’t understand the power of the people!

the plan to free the weed in texas COMPLETELY once and for all.

Free The Weed In Texas has a plan to “free the weed” completely, once and for all. Texas had over a dozen Bills introduced this year, that were cannabis related to reduce penalties, all of them have been killed or watered down to barley anything. This is another win for the lobbyist and law makers that continue to work together to slow this process down.

We should not be asking for medical and recreational separate. We should be asking for whole access to this plant.

We will have to wait another two years to try to make something happen for Texas. Full access to cannabis is what Texans deserve, and that’s what Free The Weed In Texas will deliver in 2021. Stay locked in here!

If you’re interested in helping make this happen or you want updates, please sign up to be a part of the “cannabis revolution.”

To help support our efforts please check out our online store and grab some merchandise. Any purchase made goes to changing history here in Texas!


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