House Bill 63 Pushed Back Until Next Week

Yesterday, the Texas House was supposed to get to vote on House Bill 63, a Bill that would reduce penalties for small possession of cannabis here in Texas.

Sadly, the Texas House adjourned early yesterday and HB 63 has been postponed. It has a slight chance of getting a vote today, but that is not likely. It will most likely get pushed back until next week.

We want to thank everyone who has called, emailed and been a part of this grueling process. There is more work to be done for sure. If you have not already contacted your representative to let them know you support HB 63, please do so today! If they are not a co-author of this Bill, please ask then to do so. If you need help doing that, or anything else, that’s what we are here for. Message us on Facebook, call us (817-673-0028) or email

Don’t know who your law maker is? Go here

Below is the list of law makers who have Authored or Co-Authored HB 63. If your legislator is on this list call and thank them.

Author:Moody | Collier | White | Dutton | Phelan
Coauthor:Allen | Anchia | Beckley | Blanco | Bowers | Bucy | Button | Cain | Calanni | Canales | Cole | Cortez | Dominguez | Fierro | Geren | Gervin-Hawkins | González, Jessica | González, Mary | Goodwin | Guillen | Hernandez | Herrero | Hinojosa | Howard | Hunter | Israel | Johnson, Julie | Larson | Lopez | Martinez | Miller | Minjarez | Morales | Neave | Ortega | Pacheco | Reynolds | Rodriguez | Romero, Jr. | Rosenthal | Sherman, Sr. | Talarico | Wu | Zwiener

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